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Upcoming Services

Please note live streams are scheduled to start 5 minutes before the service commencement time.

In the event that there are unforeseen issues with the live streaming, a recorded copy of the service will be added here the next business day and will be available for 10 days for viewing from the date of service. Viewer discretion is advised , whilst we publish the recordings they are not views or opinions of Coast Family Funerals.

After clicking on ‘Watch Service’, the link will take you through to a video player. The live stream will be automatically be muted. To unmute and hear the service, click on the icon of the speaker with a line through it (Muted Speaker on HTC ), which you will find at the bottom of the screen. Clicking that icon will remove the line, meaning the sound is now unmuted. Make sure to slide the volume level up to hear the audio.

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